Why Does Furnace Size Matter?

This time of year, we’re extra grateful to be warm and cozy. Whether it’s after work, errands or a day of skiing, it’s nice to be able to come home and just get comfortable. And we couldn’t do it without our trusty furnace’s hard work. However, our furnace needs to be the right size in order to do its job well.

Furnaces come in a ton of different sizes. Which size is right for your home depends on a lot of factors, including square footage, layout, design, insulation and roofing. Most companies don’t actually know how to calculate proper furnace size — they just guess. Others will charge you a hefty fee to do a personalized calculation. But if your furnace is too large or too small, it can have a huge impact on your comfort, energy bill, and the lifespan of the furnace itself.

Furnaces That Are Too Small

If your furnace is too small, you’re going to be uncomfortable. It’s going to struggle to keep your entire house warm, so the temperature is going to be uneven. That means there are going to be cold spots. What’s worse, on the days and nights the cold really decides to kick in, your furnace is going to have a really hard time keeping up with the dropping temperatures.

Because your furnace will have to work around the clock to do its job, that means you’re going to have higher energy bills. Your furnace is also going to wear out faster and need to be replaced a lot sooner.

Furnaces That Are Too Big

If your furnace is too big, you’ll (surprise!) also be uncomfortable. Why? Because the average pace for that big furnace is going to be overkill in your house. Instead of just cold spots, you’ll have hot and cold spots. Your furnace will turn on and off in short, quick cycles, so you’ll have some areas it heats up too much, too fast — and other areas it isn’t on long enough to heat up at all.

Constantly switching on and off not only uses more energy and hikes up your energy bill, it also means your furnace is working harder, so it’s going to need maintenance and repair more often. It isn’t going to live as long as it could, either.

Furnaces That Are Just Right

If your furnace is just right, it will be able to keep pace with all but the coldest days and nights without working too hard. It also won’t turn your house into a dry sauna if it runs for any length of time. Instead, your furnace will heat your home in steady cycles of activity, using energy efficiently. This nice rhythm keeps your energy bills down and gives your equipment a longer life.

The moral of the story? Don’t guess when it comes to furnace size, and don’t let someone else guess for you, either. Call Ross to get an expert opinion. We’ve been working in HVAC for over 20 years, and we’ll make sure you get the furnace that’s right for you.

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