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Your Trusted Partner for Heater Repair in Reno, NV

— Fast and Reliable Heating Services

Are you failing to keep temperatures comfortable in your home? Your heater might need expert professional assistance! At Ross Heating Air, we offer top-notch heater repair in Reno to help restore your home’s comfort quickly and appropriately. We boast a qualified team of HVAC technicians with extensive years of experience under their belt. Our local family-operated heater repair company has been serving Reno and neighboring areas since 2011, consistently providing exceptional residential and commercial heater repair service.

Whether you need a heater replacement, installation, repair, or complete HVAC service in Reno, our experts are always ready to get the job done right the first time with utmost professionalism and efficiency. Additionally, with Ross Heating Air, you don’t have to worry about the upfront cost of your heating system replacement, as we offer convenient and straightforward financing options for all our HVAC services. So, call us today for all your HVAC needs and experience the comfort and peace of mind you deserve.

The Signs To Call Our Professional For Heater Repair in Reno

— Think Local, Think Ross

Insufficient Heat Generation If you experience coldness or inadequate warmth, it might be due to ducting issues or a call for a professional heater repair in Reno, NV. Ping our experts to guarantee optimal resolution of the issue.Unusual Sounds Trust our expert technicians if you notice any strange noises coming from your heater. Don’t put it off until it’s too late! Let our residential heater repair professionals diagnose the potential issues, ensuring your house remains snug and comfy throughout the winter.

Burning Smell Smelling burning dust the first time switching on the heater during the season is quite normal, but noticing any unusual odors, like rotting eggs, from the heater is uncommon. It might signify a gas leak! Take prompt action by calling our professionals at Ross Heating Air.

Failing to Produce Heat Verify that the pilot light is working if you aren’t getting heat. If the heater is turned on but not generating any heat, the heating element is probably at fault. Fret not, as our experienced heater repair professionals will get it fixed in no time.

With our comprehensive heating services, you can rest assured that all your HVAC problems will be solved appropriately by adhering to the highest safety standards and guaranteed satisfaction. Whether you need heater installation, general HVAC inspection, oil-to-gas furnace conversion, or furnace repair in Reno, Ross Heating Air has your back.

Perks of Choosing Our Expert Heater Repair Technicians

— Get Prompt Servicing

Wealth of Experience

Driven by years of expertise, we guarantee that we will complete each task accurately, professionally, and without any errors.

Honest Pricing

As a leading heater repair company, we always strive to offer transparent and upfront pricing for our heater repair services so there are no hidden surprises.

Family Owned and Operated

Since we are a family-owned and operated company, we provide more personalized and reliable heater repair service with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and high-quality craftsmanship.

Schedule Top-Quality Heater Repair in Reno Today!

Ross Heating Air is dedicated to providing emergency heater repair services to safeguard your family’s comfort and safety all year round. If you observe any of the above-cited telltale signs, call our professionals right away for prompt assistance. We are well-versed in handling repairs of all brands and models and can assist you with quality replacement and installation of your new system. Our seasoned heater repair experts are ready to assist you with your requirements. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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