Smart, Programmable or Manual Thermostats — What’s the Difference?

Programmable or Manual Thermostats

Whether it’s 35 degrees or 95 degrees, there’s one gadget that will help keep you comfortable no matter what Nevada’s weather is doing: your thermostat. From smart to programmable to manual, thermostats come in all kinds. They’ll all help you survive Nevada’s fluctuating temperatures, but some have certain advantages over others. Have you been thinking […]

Straightforward Financing for the HVAC Services You Need

Whether you knew this day was coming or it took you by surprise, most homeowners face the replacement of their HVAC system at some point or another. But you don’t have to worry — even if you didn’t see this coming, Ross offers financing options on top of our reliable service so that you can […]

What Size Furnace Should You Have in Your Home?

Most people don’t realize that furnace size is a lot like shoe size — get the wrong one, and you’ll be uncomfortable the entire time you’re using it. Having your furnace sized correctly will make a huge difference in how comfortable your home is, not to mention your energy bill and the lifespan of your […]

Join the Ross Service Club — It’s Free!

Is there any reason why you shouldn’t be saving some extra cash on your furnace and AC maintenance? No, we didn’t think so, either. That’s why you should join the Ross Service Club! Ross Service Club Members save 25% on their spring and fall maintenance costs. They also get 15% off any subsequent services and […]

Why Does Furnace Size Matter?

This time of year, we’re extra grateful to be warm and cozy. Whether it’s after work, errands or a day of skiing, it’s nice to be able to come home and just get comfortable. And we couldn’t do it without our trusty furnace’s hard work. However, our furnace needs to be the right size in […]

5 Heating Tips for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and so is the cold weather. By now you’ve probably fired up your heating systems and are getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday parties. But before you entertain any guests, here are a few heating tips for the holidays to help ensure you and yours don’t […]